A Story On Mermaids

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Jasmine (10), Laiya (14), Michayla (16), Drea (4), and Star (9) created a storyline based on their lives. The storyline was a fictional story that they based off of mermaids. Star and Laiya, who love mermaids, came up with the idea to use mermaids as the subject. Each of the girls read their part and the other girls acted out the part of the story.

The students had a good time not only creating the story but getting into character, which in turn made for good practice on their acting, and their upcoming performance. Nyame then did a practice where each girl had to practice their annunciating skills. The girls got to use microphones to practice their speaking skills. They each showed excitement when they got the microphone.

The annunciating practice consisted of the students saying their names loud and clear. It was a great practice for the students to not only project their voices but to also build confidence in themselves. Each of the students said their names a couple of times until they said it with complete confidence and joy. The practice was empowering and fun for them. The pilot ended with the students practicing the song and dance routine they are going to perform in the near future.