Cinematography Fun With The Youth

Every Monday and Wednesday, we, at Cherades, are currently working on a pilot that consists of arts and empowerment for the youth. The program is held every Monday and Wednesday from 3-6pm, and the students learn dancing, drawing, acting, film, and the arts from every scale to broaden their creativity and their minds, and to keep them actively engaged. This past Monday, on May 6, the students were taught from Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Glodian the breakdown of cinematography. Glodian, who returned on Wednesday, May 8, taught the students a dance routine. Star (9), Michayla Porter (16), and Drea (6) were all in attendance. They spoke on their different passions and interests with the arts. Star wants to get into acting, Drea wants to sing, and Michayla has a deep interest for photography and cinematography.

“You have to completely use your imagination,” Mr. Harvey expressed to the students when discussing acting. He showed them a scene he produced and filmed and the whole process it took to create it. He gave them information on the editing process, the acting, and even the location that was used. Also, Harvey made sure to answer any questions the students had.

When glancing around the room there are long sheets with words and pictures hanging on the walls. The word “Brave” graces one of the walls, and on the page underneath it are other words the students wrote, that they felt associated with what brave meant to them. However each of the words made them feel they wrote it down, and they drew pictures to go along with the words.

Nyame, the head of the pilot, intentionally makes sure that the students do an array of activities that keep them learning and exploring their creativity. The pilot is intended to empower the students through the usage of art, and the light and excitement the students have when participating in the activities proves that the program is very progressive and beneficial to them.

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