Suddenly seeking justice

It bewilders me how crass this nation behaves when it comes to the perceived notion of justice. Lets take for example our current presidential nominees Donald trump and Hilary Clinton. At best, both of their campaigns are laughable, at worse depressing. However whats even more disturbing is the thought that rationale, intelligent and overall good human beings feel that our nation will be made better, whole, GREAT again by the empty promises of these two said individuals.

I'm still waiting to hear and see the work that we the people collectively are willing to do to make our home country livable, safer, kinder, cleaner and all those other wonderful descriptive words we like to use. What I am not okay with is this make believe witch hunt that both parties are inciting. The behavior is classless, juvenile with teetering remnants of sociopathic behavior for shits and giggles.

There's something terribly wrong with the way justice is interpreted to us and for us through our (supposedly) elected leaders and the media. When will we become so ashamed of how we are represented to the rest of the human family in others places across the planet that we unanimously put in the work to change our current circumstance? Hopefully for all of our sakes, we the people are getting out there and working to right these wrongs that many have allowed to spread like a cancer for years upon years and are ensuring that a sustainable plan is in place. Without a strong foundation, all the well intentioned plans will do nothing more but fall by the wayside.

I feel that we have this great opportunity through this tumultuous time in our nation to show what authentic justice is. However, are we collectively ready to systemically eradicate the unjust fabric of supremacy that continuously props some on a pedestal whilst dumping blatant loads of oppression on others? We all have our part to play in this game. At the end of the day, it's up to the citizens of this nation to bring forth the justice that the current nominees are proclaiming to deliver to us upon them becoming the POTUS.

When it comes to justice it really is Just Us.


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