Internship Opportunities


Social Media Intern


Will manage the face of Cherades via all social media platforms.  Will work in conjunction with the Newsletter Coordinator.


Videographer Intern


This person should be extremely saavy in the media arts.  Video documentation is extremely important and needs to be captured in a professional non biased as possible way.  This intern will enjoy going to various places to capture events, VLOGing, and will also enjoy teaching these skills to youth.


Each internship is 6 month long and will be awarded a Cherades 50/50  Scholarship for their service to the organization.  The Cherades 50/50 Scholarship is$500 .  The recipient awards 50% of the award to a deserving youth of their choice in their prospective intern field.


To Apply for an internship send a cover letter, resume and samples of your work if applicable (require for Newsletter and Videographer intern positions) to attention Ineternship hiring.


For more information or to inquire about general volunteer opportunitiess send us a message