Cherades is a completely free service to the youth that it serves.  The organization's sole purpose is to empower social change through the arts with an emphasis on theatrical forms of expression.   We therefore count on the generous donations both in kind and financially from donors to deliver a quality experience to underserved and underrepresented but deserving youth.  Please consider making a donation today!


Cherades donates all of its services to youth who are considered to be at risk or who may be suffering from inadequate education.


 Cherades 50/50 Scholarship


This scholarship is awarded to interns and a well deserving youth of their choice in their prospective fields.  Upon completion of each intern's project, they are awarded a scholarship of up to $1,000 where half of the proceeeds is given to the youth chosen by the intern as a way to continuously encourage stewardship and service.

Musical Thespian Tour

This scholarship is an all expense paid adventure for thespians in training that takes place twice a year.  The tour is 2 weeks long and consists of going to various theaters across the country with three performance collaborations and one feature performance.

Cherades Artist fund

A small scholarship of $500 to be awarded to youth artist (any medium) who are using their art for social change.