About Nyame Nti

& Cherade's Inception

Born in Kansas City Missouri and raised in St. Louis, MO.  Nyame aquired her humble beginnings in the arts at a young age.  Always making up songs and dancing around the house as well as playing dress up, one could simply say that Nyame had a very playful and vivid imagination.  It wasn't until she was the age of 10 years old that she would discover a unique talent for writing.  In addition to her creative writing skillls she often exceled in art and always found herself involved in some form of choral singing.


It would be years later in her late twenties when she would realize that she was supposed to put those gifts to use and not allow them to be dormant.  Through her 7 plus year tenure of volunteerism and service work with youth and the community, Nyame has emerged as an advocate for youth that are oppressed, utilizing her gift in the arts for social change.


Cherades was initially created as a program for youth to participate in at a youth homeless shelter.  The powers that be who allowed the project to even exsist had little to no faith in it's success factor.  However after the youth's first performane, they were hooked and it was at this point that Nyame realized her calling was healing by helping young people find their voice through the arts.


Cherades is now a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization whose focus is empowerment through the arts.  Our motto is, " Welcome to where you don't have to play their game".